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In the Workplace

Not everyone interacts directly with children and youth in their workplace but children are greatly impacted by what happens in our workplaces.

Every decision that is made, whether it is about where to build a new building, what type of medicine will be administered, what legal course of action to take, or who to buy catering services from, influences the lives of children and youth.

Learn why using child rights is a tool to influence more positive action for the workplace in this section…

Taking action for professionals:




Justice & law

Community support

Business & finance

Media, communications, & journalism


5 things you can do at work

  1. Get to know the people you work with and be a part of their support system
  2. When making decisions, take a moment to consider the impact on children and youth
  3. Review current policy and practices for child rights compliance (SCY resource on Guidelines for Policy Development and Assessment)
  4. Make your work environment child and youth friendly (Free resources here)
  5. Suggest child rights related corporate causes. Many organizations offer events and causes that support the rights of children.

Can a stroller or wheelchair fit in the all the stores and restaurants you go to?

If you ask your employee to work overtime, how does that impact the children in their family? When a school decreases the number of school days, what is the impact on a family that is required to find alternative care? 

How do children’s rights compliment the rights of adults?

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