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No matter what you do or where you live, you can support child rights. The first step to supporting child rights is learning what rights children and youth are entitled to and then to learn why child rights are important.

Next, explore this section to find out how child rights can be fostered at every level of society.

Even if you don’t work in one of the sectors that are explored here, find out what a rights respecting judicial system, health care, education, business, finance, or community support sector should look like.

Since Canada is a signatory to the UNCRC, you can use what you learn here to speak up and advocate for children, youth, and yourself. It is both your right and responsibility to be a good advocate for kids.

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for children & youth

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parents, caregivers, and families


Child rights in action

People all over the province and across the country are working to support child and youth rights. Every month this section highlights innovative child rights work. Click here to find out more ...

How can I take action?

In this section you will find suggestions for simple things that everyone can do to honour the rights of children and youth in your personal and professional life. Click here to find out how ...

On many of the pages you will also find questions about child rights to consider. Please share your thoughts and comments with us.