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Parents, Caregivers, and Family

Parents, caregivers, and family can be a youth's best ally in every respect—especially when supporting children to learn about their rights. Sometimes parents or guardians are uneasy about teaching youth about their rights because there is a perception that when children know about their rights it will make them disrespect their parents/guardians or make them difficult to discipline.

On the contrary!

The UNCRC affirms and respects the responsibilities, rights, and duties of parents/guardians and encourages them to provide appropriate direction and guidance. Not only that, but studies show that teaching youth about their rights (and responsibilities) increases a child’s self-esteem, level of engagement at home and school, and an increase in respect for others.

While the UNCRC guarantees a youth’s right to express their views it does not mean that children and youth are the boss. The intention is to encourage all adults to listen to the opinions of children and involve them in decision-making with the hope that children will learn what it means to make responsible decisions from the parents/caregivers and be able to evaluate a child’s level of maturity and how much responsibility they can take on.

Further, the UNCRC is an excellent advocacy tool parents can use to support themselves and their children. Because the Canadian government ratified the UNCRC, there is a responsibility for the provincial and federal governments to support parents, caregivers, and families with implementing child rights.


5 simple ways to implement child rights at home

  1. Help children to understand the rights of children in other parts of the world
  2. Involve your children in family decision making
  3. Invite your child’s friend over for dinner
  4. Support your child’s interests and strengths
  5. Volunteer with your child for a cause they believe in

How can society better respect and support parents in their role as primary caregivers for children and youth?

How can we ensure that services are available to support families?

Share your ideas



Your Child's Rights: Parents' Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I teach my child about their rights? Don't children's rights take away my authority as a parent? Don't children backtalk adults when they learn about their rights?

These are questions we hear all the time from parents. They are totally legitimate questions and deserve thoughtful responses. We teamed up with Drs. Katherine Covell and Brian Howe who are both Child Rights experts AND parents to help answer some of these questions.

> 8.5 x 11 single sided
> Legal Sized Brochure

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