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Rights respecting organizations address the needs of parents, youth employees, and families as a whole, through supportive policies, programs, and practices.

What are some characteristics of rights respecting organizations?
  • employers who pay fair wages to adult and child & youth employees
  • major employers who provide workplace childcare, including facilities for nursing mothers; smaller employers who provide information and support in finding childcare
  • major employers who have good parental leave policies
  • major employers who promote, allow or support job sharing and flexible working hours
  • major employers who provide information and support on parenting issues (e.g., on-site educational workshops)
  • employers who allow parents to bring their children to work (e.g., in cases of emergency as well as for learning purposes), and who hold family events
  • employers who support community programs for children and youth
  • employers who ensure that working hours and conditions do not interfere with the schoolwork of their young employees
  • workplace policies that address discrimination and sexual harassment, developed with the input of employees
  • community information and support for youth seeking employment, especially for those from minority groups or those who face other barriers to employment


5 Simple things you can do

  1. Setup a daycare for employees
  2. Assess the impact of products for well-being of children, including longer-term impacts
  3. Set up a bring your child to work day
  4. Review your advertising practices and consider impacts on young people
  5. Embrace employee policies that are flexible to allow parents to care for/support their children, e.g. flex time, working from home

Could respecting a child's rights ever have a negative impact on an organization?

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