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Media, Communications, and Journalism

Do you realize that almost everything reported in the media and through communications has something to do with children and youth? Let’s test this theory: the four major headlines in the Vancouver Sun one rainy day in October read as follows: “Parents, students continue to voice opposition to school closures”, “ Indonesia death toll continues to rise to 25”, “Spectacular fighter jet crash caused by sudden power loss”, and “Homicides up across BC...”. Without even having to read the full articles, think about how children and youth could be impacted in each of those stories.

Child rights do not have to be a stand-alone story. Using a child rights lens can enhance any news report, written article, broadcast story, documentary/movie, press release, marketing communications, blog posting, website content, and yes, even tweets and Facebook comments. Media, communications and journalism plays an important role in child rights perception and has great influence on affecting positive change for all children and youth.

What impact does media and advertising have on children and youth?

Can a positive child rights stories be as appealing as violence, crime and personal drama stories?

Have you thought about how social media impacts child rights?

5 things you can do

  1. Learn about child rights and consider how it can strengthen your work
  2. Give children and youth a voice and allow them to share their films, articles, and opinions in a meaningful way
  3. Add a child rights perspective to your work
  4. Expose and bear witness to child rights injustices and achievements
  5. Work with rights respecting organizations and tell their stories

    We know this section is about 5 things you can do but we could not resist adding one more special thing to the list: Join us in building this Child Rights Public Awareness Campaign so that social change can happen!

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