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Justice and Law

The justice system plays a crucial role in making decisions that affect the lives of many children and youth. The sentencing of an adult has direct impact on the children in that person’s life and the treatment of children and youth in the enforcement and legal process can change the future direction of a person’s life.

Implementation and monitoring of child rights through legislation and the justice process is a fundamental responsibility of the system. 

Are children’s best interests always the primary consideration in justice policy and practice?

Does having more people in jail mean less crime?

What are the stereotypes people have about young people?

5 things you can do for justice and enforcement professionals

  1. Learn about child rights and consider how it can strengthen your work
  2. Ensure that all children and youth have an opportunity to be heard and be actively engaged in the process
  3. Ensure that children and youth are assessed as individuals and consideration given for the use of alternative measures and such as restorative justice (link to restorative justice info)
  4. Advocate for more focus on prevention and supporting effective rehabilitative services
  5. Model respect and non-violent/confrontational ways of communication

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