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Information Guides




Another Perspective: How journalists can promote children's human rights and equality Child rights guide for journalists. Children's Rights Alliance for England
BC Centre for Safe Schools and Communities Resource Page Various resources, created by the Centre, including curriculum, fact sheets, e-newsletters, reports, research papers, and web links. BC Center for Safe Schools and Communities
 Building Relationships: Activity Book
 An activity book for youth on how to build relationships with caregivers or adoptive parents. Accompanying facilitator's guide available. Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks
Child Rights and the Media: Putting Children in the Right, Guidelines for Journalists and Media Professionals Practical recommendations for media and journalists to be more responsive and to encourage debate within media about the portrayal of children and their rights.  International Federation of Journalists
Child Rights Media Toolkit Guide to help organizations with media activities and communications. Child Rights Information Network
Children's Rights and Media: Guidelines and Principles for Reporting on Issues Involving Children Guidelines adopted by journalists' organizations from 70 countries. International Federation of Journalists
Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Disorders of Sex Development in Childhood Guidelines for health care professionals and families in the provision of diagnosis, treatment, education, and support to children born with disorders of sex development (DSDs). Intersex Society of North America
Curriculum Connections Resource connecting the articles UN Convention on the Rights of the with curricula in Canadian provinces and territories UNICEF Canada
CRED-PRO Methods and Outcomes Tool that is designed to enable professionals to understand and employ children's rights in their work. International Institute for Child Rights and Development

Do Parents have Fundamental Rights?

(Howe, R.B. (2001). Do parents have fundamental rights? Journal of Canadian Studies, 36 (3), 61‐78.)

Discussion paper on the relation between children's rights and parent's rights in reference to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Journal of Canadian Studies
DSD Guidelines: Handbook for Parents Handbook for parents with children who are born with a Disorder of Sex Development.  Accord Alliance
Staff Working Document: Combating Child Labour This report seeks to identify and assess current EU policy options and instruments to combat child labour. European Commission
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
 Full text of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and protocols Department of Canadian Heritage
Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum: Child labour Human rights online forum for businesses. United Nations Global Compact
Human Rights Resource Manuals Numerous resource manuals addressing a range of human rights issues. Equitas
Know Your Rights BC Government guide to rights for children and youth in government care. Ministry of Children and Family Development
Langara College Social Services Worker Program
Langara College's Social Service Worker Program prepares students for immediate entry into all social service sectors, as well as for further education in Social WorkLangara College
Human Rights Resource Manuals
Numerous resource manuals addressing a range of human rights issues.
Master of Health Administration Program that integrates skills and ideas unique to health care administration with advanced business and management concepts. University of British Columbia
Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program  A program to produce key changes in parenting for parents with children ages zero to five.  BC Council for Families
Principles and Guidelines for Ethical Reporting: Children and Young People Under 18 Years Old Guide for reporters – serving the public's interest for truth without compromising the rights of
United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund International
Respecting Children's Rights at Home Resource sheets for parents that introduce children's rights and the UNCRC. Canadian Child Care Federation
Respecting Children's Rights in PracticeResource and activity to introduce children's rights in practice. Canadian Child Care Federation
Respecting Children's Rights at Preschool
Resource sheets to implement children's rights in a preschool setting
 Canadian Child Care Federation
Restorative Justice Resource Directory  List of resources to assist RJ practitioners, clients, and communities. Restorative Justice in British Columbia
 Right to Play
Resource sheet with information on how to support a child's right to play
 Canadian Child Care Federation
Supporting and Encouraging the Child's Right to be Heard Explores the child's right to participate and be heard
Canadian Child Care Federation 
The Health Advocate Role: Preparing Future Physicians for Socially Responsive Practice Resource that informs individuals in the field of medicine about the importance of health advocacy. University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine
The Media and Children's Rights Handbook to help media professionals working on stories about children to include the rights of children. United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund International
The Rights of the Child in the Health Care System Brochure that presents a revised set of children's rights in relation to the health care system and describes the relevant articles from the UNCRC. Canadian Institute of Child Health
 This is me, I have rights
 A activity book for young children living in care to learn about their rights
 Ministry for Children and Family Development
This is my home This is My Home is a human rights education resource for primary and secondary students, which seeks to create peaceful, effective, and fun learning environments for all to excel in Minnesota schools. Minnesota Department of Human Rights, University of Minnesota Human Rights Resource Center
Your Child's Rights: Parents' Frequently Asked Questions Answers to questions asked by parents/caregivers regarding their children learning about rights Society for Children and Youth of BC
UNCRC Guiding Principles Multilingual Posters Printable posters on the four guiding principles of the UNCRC highlight the key rights of the Convention and are available in 5 languages Society for Children and Youth of BC
Variety of Resources for Teachers List of resources for teachers to teach children about their rights. Cape Breton University Children's Rights Centre
Youth Resources about Online Rights and Responsibilities - Legal Guide This eight-page legal guide for youth describes four common scenarios of online harassment, exploitation and abuse and explains the laws in BC that might apply in each case. West Coast LEAF
Your Child's Rights: Multilingual Brochures These printable brochures, available in 5 languages, provide info for parents on how to become a skilled advocate for children and youth, and to help inform children and youth of their rights. Society for Children and Youth of BC
Your Life Your Rights Information booklet for BC youth in government care on child rights and section 70 rights. Federation of BC Youth in Care Network