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Healthcare is fundamental to the wellbeing of all children and youth, their families and communities. You may not have made the connection before, but every person working in the health field implements, advocates for, and monitors child rights in their work.

Learn how a child rights approach can support health care professionals in this section…

How much do budgetary constraints and liability issues factor into the quality of healthcare for children and youth?

What are the barriers for children, youth, and families in accessing health care?

5 things health professionals can do

  1. Learn about child rights and consider how it can strengthen your work
  2. Take the time to engage, inform, and listen to children and youth about their own health
  3. Make sure information about child rights are made available to parents and caregivers
  4. Help guide children and their parents in making decisions together that are in the best interests of the child
  5. Advocate to strengthen policies and practices to respect child rights


Taking action for professionals:




Justice & law

Community support

Business & finance

Media, communications, & journalism