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Community Support

Community service providers and non-governmental organizations are crucial to the overall well-being of all individuals and their communities. Access to support, services, advocacy, social education, and recreation is a fundamental component to the development of every child and youth.

Applying a child-rights approach to community support work can strengthen the accountability of all duty bearers to children and youth and help rights holders (children and youth) to advocate for their own rights which will lead to positive social, cultural, economic, environmental, institutional and legal change that impacts everyone.

Do some people deserve more rights than others?

What happens when a young person’s right to safety conflicts with their right to be heard?

How can we make sure a young person’s rights are being respected when they are not our child?

5 things you can do for community support professionals

  1. Learn about child rights and consider how it can strengthen your work
  2. Inform clients (children, youth, and adults) about child rights
  3. Provide child and youth friendly environments (link to SCY CYFC assessment tools)that are accessible (consider hours and outreach) and safe
  4. Ensure that children and youth are heard and considered when making decisions that affect them
  5. Be an advocate for child rights! Speak up for children, youth and their families. (link to join the campaign)

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