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Child Rights Public Awareness Campaign Funders

Funding for the campaign was provided by the following organizations/funders:

Province of British Columbia
Direct Access Gaming Grant

former Child and Youth Officer
for British Columbia

During the planning phase of the Campaign we sought out community member participation to inform our work through surveying, holding community focus groups, and hosting a roundtable for service organizations.

Baseline survey

In 2006, the Campaign partners commissioned Ipsos Reid to conduct a baseline survey in BC. 801 British Columbians throughout the province participated in the survey.

Community focus groups

Eight focus groups were conducted in 2008 and 2009 in the five regions of BC with the support of community partner organizations.

We are grateful to the following organizations for their support and to all the participants for their thoughtful input and sharing their knowledge and expertise with us:

The focus groups were designed and facilitated by Sarah Chandler, MA Human Rights (U. of London, UK) of S. Chandler Consulting, Lillooet.

“A Conversation on Child Rights Initiatives in BC” Roundtable

In 2007, the Campaign partners hosted a roundtable to provide an opportunity for professionals working with children and youth who are currently or have been engaged in projects or programs aimed at promoting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to come together. It was a forum to showcase work, share experiences, network and consult on the future direction of promoting child rights.

Thank you to the 25 organizations that participated at the roundtable.

Community Fundraising Activities

Thank you to the following community businesses that supported the activities of the Child Rights Public Awareness Campaign through fundraising activities.

Bistrot BistroBistrot Bistro, Vancouver—SCY was Bistrot Bistro’s Karma Tuesday recipient where 5% of sales on a Tuesday night gets donated to a local non-profit.

RMFBCRocky Mountain Flatbread Company, Vancouver—on June 29, 2010 and November 23rd, 2010, 10% of the evening’s sales at the Kitsilano restaurant was donated to SCY.

We wish to thank VCN for providing free hosting and the VCN webteam for their website development services.