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the child rights public awareness campaign

Our campaign is a response to the fact that very few British Columbians know about child rights, many of whom have never even heard of child rights. Studies show that awareness of children’s rights in BC and in Canada is lower here than in most countries in the world.

Yet there is no question that British Columbians want the best for children. Our goal is to bring child rights to British Columbians and offer it as a tool to help improve the well-being of children in our province.


The Society for Children and Youth of BC is the lead organization on this campaign—together with the campaign partners, community contributors, advisory committee, working groups, and funders this campaign has been made possible.


Child rights needs to be part of our daily lives. Instead of being just a ratified document our government signed once upon a time, we want to change the basic attitudes and assumptions about children and their role in society.


For the past 4 years the Society for Children and Youth of BC, along with their partners, laid the groundwork for this campaign, surveying and consulting with communities all around the province learning about how British Columbians want to learn about child and youth rights and what kind of support they need in implementing their rights.

Future plans for the campaign include continued awareness raising and further engagement of communities all across the province over the next few years.


People who work with children at all levels—in health care, education, social services, government, community development, and the judicial system, need to know how their work directly affects children’s rights and what they can do to assure that children’s rights are respected on a day to day basis.

Community groups and organizations for children and youth must have information and support to enable them to give children opportunities to live and realize their rights.

Families, particularly parents and caregivers, have to be given all the support and resources they need to foster and nurture the rights of their own children.

Children themselves must be empowered to realize their rights, and with those rights, the responsibilities that come with their rights.


Each region has their own unique challenges in implementing child rights. For that reason we are a provincial campaign so that we can focus on the unique issues children in BC face when it comes to realizing their rights.