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Business and Finance

Name of Tool or Material



Business and Human Rights Resource Centre A resource centre and online library that covers a human rights perspective to over 5100 companies and reports of corporate misconduct and "good practices" by companies Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
Businesses Asked to Help Protect and Promote Children’s Rights Press release on initiative to develop universal business principles that respect child rights United Nations Global Compact
Convention on the Rights of the Child Brochure containing the full texts of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Canadian Heritage
CRED-PRO Methods and Outcomes Tool that is designed to enable professionals to understand and employ children's rights in their work International Institute for Child Rights and Development
European Commission: Staff Working Document, Combating Child Labour Identifies and assesses current efforts to combat child labour
European Commission
Guide to Human Rights Impact
Assessment and Management
Assessment guide for business and organizations International Finance Corporation, International Business Leaders Forum & United Nations Global Compact
Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum: Child labour Human rights online forum for businesses United Nations Global Compact
Investor Briefs Investor briefs of companies that have demonstrated good environmental, social, and governance performance Shareholder Association for Research and Education
Law Reform Research Recommendations and comments on legal reform aimed to strengthen laws, regulations and voluntary initiatives that enhance corporate governance and accountability, and contribute to healthy and sustainable capital markets. Shareholder Association for Research and Education
Responsible Investment Reports A variety of Responsible Investment Reports that inform Canadians on investing responsibly. Shareholder Association for Research and Education
Save the Children Sweden: Child Rights and Corporate Responsibility Save the Children Sweden's strategy and working model for child rights and corporate responsibility to strengthen child rights Save the Children Sweden
What's Happening to Our Children? A Look at Child Work-Related Injury Claims Over the Past 10 Years Report examines the increase in child workplace injury claims since BC's work-start age was lowered to 12 in 2003 First Call